What People are Saying...

"Tami helped me out of the darkest point in my life and for that I will forever be grateful. She not only knows when to just listen, but when to put in a few much needed words as well."

"Tami helped me get through one of the toughest times in my life. The way she listened and helped open my eyes to viewpoints and ideas I had never thought of before, amazed me every time I spoke with her. Whenever I'd have a session with Tami I could always count on leaving in a better mood than I walked in with."

"I found Tami at a time in my life where I felt confused, unsure of my relationships as well as the overall direction of my life.  Tami knew how to help me sort through things and get my life on track."

"Tami is very patient and understanding. She will work with your child and you to help you help them. We were so scared for our son. Tami was able to help him and more importantly help us to be able to help him."

"Our family cannot say enough about the help we received from Tami Stieber.  My son, who has high-functioning autism, connected with Tami immediately.  We are grateful that she was able to help him through his struggles. Because of Tami, our son has learned to deal with his fears and has developed strong coping mechanisms."

"Tami has helped my daughter who was in special education to become a straight A, honor roll student.  She helped with her confidence and social skills, and directed her to educational resources that taught her to become successful in school.  Also, I overheard my son talking to his friend one day.  His friend asked him why he was seeing a social worker and my son said, "she helps me to become a stronger person. I am not afraid anymore."  I can't thank Tami enough for the work that she has done with my kids."