Parent Coaching/Consultation

Parents are often the most essential component when it comes to therapy with children and teenagers.  At times, I can build more positive change in a child’s life in one parent coaching session than in several sessions with a child or teenager.

Sometimes parents, even the parents of adult children, are looking for strategies that can improve their relationships with their children. Parental understanding on how a child is struggling can be essential to the therapeutic process.  Sometimes the solutions are simpler and short term while at other times it can take a little longer to see the results.  Whatever the concern, building stronger relationships between parents and children leads to better outcomes.  


Whenever I work with any minor, I always meet with the parents first.  This session creates a starting point for me to understand your family circumstances.  It also gives parents the opportunity to determine if my style of therapy will be a good fit for your family. Working together we will determine the best approach that is needed to address your family’s needs and ensure your family will get the most out of my services.

Last year, I wrote the following article published in the National Association of Social Workers newsletter speaking to the importance of parents involvement in the therapeutic process:

Private Practice: A Protocol to Consider When Working with Children and Parents in Private Practice