Couple's CounselingTherapy

At a seminar on couple’s therapy I was asked to write a mission statement for my clients. This was my response:

“I want my clients to feel hopeful about their potential as a couple, empowered that they have control over the future of their relationship and faithful in themselves and one another.”

I am passionate about working with couples and helping them get the most out of their relationships and life. Some reasons couples come to therapy are: 

1. Mend/repair the relationship with their significant other:

Many couples come to see me when their relationship is in crisis mode. For example, they come when an affair has occurred, they are constantly fighting or their personal needs are not being met on a consistent basis. While there are often challenges in every relationship, the great majority of the couples I have worked with come out of therapy feeling closer and stronger than they were when they initially got married.  The therapeutic strategies I use help couples through a step by step process which promotes healing and builds a firm foundation for future happiness.

2. Help long term relationships get a boost:

Some couples come to me after a long period of marriage because they are feeling disconnected from their partner. They often say the “passion is gone” from their relationship. I employ therapy techniques that help long term couples reconnect and rediscover their passion for one another.

Committing to couple’s therapy may seem overwhelming at first, but it doesn’t have to be. My approach is to provide a gentle and respectful environment for both parties and a safe atmosphere for couples to communicate and make progress.

Gottman Therapy

I have been trained in Level 1 and Level 2 Gottman Therapy. I am very enthusiastic about utilizing this approach to couple’s counseling that is founded on significant research with proven results. Gottman Therapy offers a great opportunity for couples to heal, repair and improve their relationships. If you would like to learn more about what Gottman Therapy can do for your relationship, please visit the Gottman Institute website at